What an Amazing Two Weeks!

On Tuesday, September 19th, my incredible wife Tina and I embarked on the first of two trips that would encompass over 3,700 miles and almost an entire two weeks. We planned these two trips to celebrate something that is very important and dear to both of us, our 25th anniversary. I really didn’t want to spend the kind of money that we did on either of the trips, because of my latest scans and my concern of things not going well for me with the newest line of treatment; I really don’t want to leave Tina with a ton of debt from my medical bills. But, after talking to her and a few people who are or have been in our position, I decided that this was something that we should do and agreed to both trips. What happened along the way made me realize how much we needed this.

We started out on Tuesday, September 19th, by flying from Detroit, MI to the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. It was a beautiful hotel and we had all the perks: a huge room on the tenth floor with a balcony overlooking the Caribbean Ocean, a king size bed, a two-person whirlpool and all the other normal bells and whistles. We also paid to have the all-inclusive experience that included all the food and drinks that both of us could indulge in, which was good at all seven restaurants and six bars on the property (and also included 24-hour room service). We also received $3,600 in resort credits, which we used for two couple massages, a very intimate and wonderful romantic dinner, a few days in a Bali bed on the beach, and more.

We spent nine glorious days and eight magical nights enjoying each other’s company at the beach, at the pool, in the restaurants and bars, and in our room. We spent hours combing the beach for sea shells, playing in the ocean, hanging out with our new friends Jerry and Jessie from Monterey, Mexico and Pericles and Mouriely from Recife, Brazil, swimming in the pools, finding new and enjoying some of our old favorite foods, basking in the sun, and snuggling in bed watching television. It was literally a dream come true; with the only sad time for us coming when we had to pack to leave for home on Wednesday, September 27th.

After a brief day and a half stay at home, during which I worked two half-days, we left in the afternoon of Friday, September 29th, and headed for Louisville, KY for Louder Than Life, a two day music festival with some of our favorite bands. Again, we spent all of our time together, enjoying some great music and live performances, good food and more time for just the two of us. Right now Tina is sleeping in the bed at the hotel while I type this out. Tomorrow we leave to head back home and after Tina fell asleep tonight, I started to reflect on the past two weeks.

Of course we love each other, that should be obvious, since we just celebrated twenty five years of marriage. But the level of our love has certainly grown over the years, not dissipated, like what is common in so many marriages nowadays. We both truly love and look forward to spending all of our free time together, whether it’s going to the store, watching one of our favorite television shows, sharing a meal or just hanging out in each other’s presence. We are both each other’s best friends and the first person we want to call when something good or bad happens in our lives. We are really one, sharing all the good and bad as it happens, together.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew that we had all of this, but sometimes I forget. Sometimes I take it for granted. And with everything going on in our life right now, it was an incredible two weeks that I got to spend with my wife, best friend, and better half. I am so grateful that we did these trips, that I was reminded of the real important things in life, and that I got to do it all with the woman of my dreams.

Working to Pay Off Play Time

I’m back in the office this morning after a good night’s sleep, to make that money to pay off what I did twelve hours ago. Tina and I had a nice dinner last night with our youngest son, David, and then we went home and booked our trip for our anniversary this September: 6 days and 5 nights of Caribbean bliss at the all-inclusive Hard Rock resort in Cancun, Mexico. We were originally planning on a quick weekend getaway in Florida, because of the medical bills coming in, but decided that it will be our 25th anniversary and we need to do something special.

Tina has been wanting to go to Mexico for a few years now and I figured it was high time we do it. I mean, let’s be honest, since I have cancer, we don’t know how many more times we’ll have the chance. Besides, being married for 25 years, especially in today’s world, is certainly something to celebrate! Plus we got a great deal with Costco Travel, including our flights, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, and the hotel room all for a great price. On top of that, we are getting a $214 Costco gift card in the mail and get $3,000 credit at the resort for extras like couples massages, merchandise from the on-site store, and much more.

Now all we have to do is pay off the credit card we put the trip on and wait another 168 days…