Vacation Scheduled

With my health slowly declining, Tina and I decided that it was time for one last big vacation, so we started looking. We originally planned to go to back to the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, because we absolutely loved everything about it. The beach and ocean was incredible, the food and drinks were amazing, and the room and the customer service was more than we had expected.

However, Tina started looking around at other resorts in Cancun and when I asked her why, she said she was looking for something new and different. Then she asked me where I wanted to go; I explained that, in the end, this trip was going to be her memory, so I wanted her to make the choice. For me, I am just glad that we are able to go someplace beautiful again, and to be alone with each other, before my health is to the point where we can’t do so anymore.

In the end, Tina chose Hawaii, as we have always talked about going but never did. So, we started looking at the different islands, hotels, packages, flights, etc. and finally decided on the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. We are in the Rainbow Tower, right on the beach, and facing Diamond Head, which is only about two miles away. We leave at the end of February and will be there nine glorious days!

Besides getting away with each other, and enjoying the beach and ocean as we always do, we are also very excited about the humpback whale migration, which is occurring now. We have already booked a whale watch excursion that guarantees that we see a whale, or we get to do the cruise again for free! We are also planning on visiting the Waikiki Aquarium, and are looking at taking a day to go to Pearl Harbor, and possibly Diamond Head, as well.

We are so ready to go! Twenty two days and counting…



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