So Much for a Quiet Weekend

I was looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend filled with lots of rest, some time spent on getting some much needed paperwork done for my durable power of attorney and other advanced directives, and some fun at my nephew’s football game. This was my first weekend in several weeks where I had both days off and was really excited. Friday night and yesterday all of that came true; but today was different.

I have always had very sensitive hearing, and can hear things most others in the room cannot. For example, I can be in the living room watching TV and still hear if the sink or tub is dripping because they were left on, two rooms away. Because of this, one of my biggest irks is hearing our cats licking themselves. I know they do this to clean themselves and understand that it’s normal cat behavior, but it drives me crazy.

Today when I got up I went to the living room and turned on the TV to watch a few shows I had on the DVR. For the next 30 minutes I heard multiple cats licking themselves in the kitchen, and I quickly got frustrated. Usually smacking the arm of my leather recliner, or clapping my hands, makes them stop. But today they kept going and I finally yelled at one of the cats that I could see to stop.

At that point Breanna, my eighteen year old daughter, came out of the kitchen and loudly said “they need a bath.” I replied that I didn’t care and that I just didn’t want to hear it anymore, to which Breanna yelled at me. Yeah, you guessed it, that set me off. I loudly told her that she had no right to yell at me and that I didn’t know what made her think she was in power or control over me, but she had it all backwards.

She stomped out of the room and yelled that she was leaving, to which I replied “well, bye” in my best Tombstone voice. She left for about 45 minutes and then came back, for a brief moment, until both she and my son David left together (Breanna doesn’t drive but David does so she was obviously looking for a ride).

I hope that I can turn this day around because this is my six day work week, starting tomorrow, and I really could use the rest and relaxation today.