Round Five is Done, Now It’s a Waiting Game

I got the chemo pump disconnected this afternoon, and now all I have to do is manage to wait until tomorrow morning to get the results of the PET scan. Fortunately, I have a very busy day today at work with meetings and an interview for a web developer position that we are trying to fill. Then I am planning on going home and taking a nap, because I am very tired, and well, naps are good.

Later tonight I am going with my oldest son, Mark, to see a movie. Then I’ll go home and hang with my awesome wife, Tina, for an hour or two before I try to go to sleep. So, my time should be pretty well filled between now and tomorrow morning. I just hope that I can sleep tonight, because I have a lot on my mind, and I have a very full day at work scheduled for tomorrow after my doctor appointment.



3 thoughts on “Round Five is Done, Now It’s a Waiting Game

  1. So happy you have closed that chapter in your treatment and praying for great results on your pet scan! I am happy for your relationship with your family! Family helps to get us through the tough times! May God continue to move in your life Steve!

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