Monday is Here Again

After a very good and productive Saturday, and a quiet and relaxing Sunday, the work week is here. I got a great night’s sleep, thanks to being tired and with a little help from my good friend Lunesta. I picked Tina up from work at 7:15am and was in the office before 8:00am.

I have a long day of work ahead of me, including setting up interviews for later this week, for a web developer job. I also need to call SonicWall about an issue that we are having with our firewall. Then I’ve got some programming that I have to do myself, to continue on a project that I’ve been working on.

And then, after work, I get to go to Kistler Ford and pick up our new 2016 Ford Edge Titanium Edition! I am really excited about getting this new car and I can’t wait to go to the dealership tonight. Today is going to be like what Christmas Eve used to be for me when I was a kid!



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