A New Year is Upon Us

I had a good time closing out 2016 and am ready for what the new year brings. Saturday I went to work for four hours, then met a friend, Shawn, at Miss Cue for a few hours of billiards fun. After that I stopped by Gary’s place and made a few changes on his router and helped him setup a new tablet. Then I went home and took Tina to work, followed by an evening of fun at Northpoint Church for the Celebrate Recovery New Year’s eve party.

I finally got to sleep around 2:00 am and, other than a brief break to pick Tina up from work at 7:00 am, I slept until almost 1:00 pm. I was originally intending on going to work, but was very tired, so I worked from home for a couple of hours. Then I dropped Tina off at work and went to bed. I slept from just after 8:30 pm until just before 6:00 am this morning. Sometimes a good night’s sleep can do a lot for feeling good!

Now I am back in the office, on my vacation day, to wrap up the project that I have been working on. Not the greatest way to spend a vacation day, but I will be glad to have this project done and live! Tonight I think Tina and I are going to dinner, so it will be a great end to another day 🙂



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