What a Wonderful Christmas!

Today was a beautiful day, one filled with family and fun. I’m sure I have a different outlook on the holidays, due to my cancer and the possibility that I may or may not have too many more chances at Christmas, but it truly was a beautiful day.

To start the day off, I picked Tina up from work and came home and then I wrapped some more presents while she got some sleep. After a brief nap, I got started on making a turkey dinner, with homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. While preparing the food, Mark and Michelle came over and were kind enough to help me prepare the food.

At 1:00 pm I ran over and picked up my granddaughter Shayla (David’s daughter) from her mom’s so that she could come over and open her presents from Santa and her dad. While Shayla was opening presents I woke Tina up and she came down in time to see Shayla open presents and then Susan and Zach brought my other granddaughter Ava over so that she could open her presents from all of us. The girls had a blast and it was so much fun watching them open their presents with all of their excitement and happiness.

About 3:00 pm my mom and dad came over to join the festivities. It was such a treat because my mom hasn’t been over for any of the holidays for the past several years, mostly because she has health issues of her own, and also because she and Tina had a number of small disagreements over the years. When I called my mom on Christmas eve day and asked her to come over, like I do every year, I explained that with both her and my health issues, it would be a good year to start anew. Fortunately, she agreed and joined us for a great day at the Carlson household.

By about 5:30 pm, most of our guests had left and cleanup began. The food had to be put away, the dishes cleaned up and all the discarded wrapping paper picked up. Once finished, Tina and I went upstairs and retired to our room to watch a movie and relax.

Again, what a wonderful Christmas!



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