Sick and Tired

After three days of antibiotics, my ear and jaw are not feeling any better. I was up half the night trying to get comfortable and using a heating pad on my ear for minor relief. Today Tina told me to take the day off and stay home and rest, as much as I can.

I called my doctor office this morning but can’t get in until tomorrow at 7:30am so I have at least a few more days of this before I feel better. And, since I’m completely out of sick and vacation days and don’t get paid for days I take off, tomorrow I’m going to have to suck it up and go to work.

I’m getting ready to try to take a nap and I am hoping and praying that I am able to get at least an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling even just a little better. I have never in my life had an earache that hurts like this one does and have a whole new respect for my daughters, who both have had their fair share of earaches in life.

I just want to get some sleep and have this pain go away…



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