Still Waiting

Well it’s been 24 hours and the antibiotics haven’t helped at all yet. My left ear and the left side of my jaw is still hurting pretty badly and pretty regularly, especially when I eat or yawn. On the bright side, my right ear is doing okay and I hope that continues.

I slept for almost twelve hours last night and it felt great. Then I did a whole bunch of nothing all day and spent the afternoon and early evening watching a few movies that I’ve been wanting to catch up on. The Magificent Seven (2016) and Hell or High Water were both really good and Mechanic: Ressurection was pretty good, too.

Now I’m watching the UFC 206 event on TV and plan to go to bed soon, so that I can get some more good rest, and make it to church in the morning. Being sick sucks and I am so hoping that when I wake up in the morning my ear and jaw is feeling better.



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