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So I have been seeing some minor hair loss the past few days, mostly just when I dry my hair in the morning. I use a white towel and my short dark hair has been steadily becoming more prevalent on the towel. To me, it’s the least important of the side effects, because I have kept my hair very short for close to the past couple of decades. At one point I even shaved my own head with a razor weekly, for over a year. When I go to Great Clips every other week to get my hair cut, they know to use the clippers with a 1 1/2 on the top and no guard on the sides, with a high fade.

When I went to get my hair cut this time, I happened to have my chemo pump attached, and I was immediately told by my stylist that she would pray for me. How cool is that?! Then, while she is cutting my hair, she informs me that Great Clips gives free haircuts to cancer patients in treatment! I was completely blown away. Such a simple little thing, but it meant so much to know that someone in upper management at Great Clips cares enough about cancer patients to roll this out company wide.

The name of the charity is Clips of Kindness and, after her own battle with cancer, Rhoda Olsen (CEO) started the charity in 2011. Because of this charity, all of the Great Clips locations around the world offer free haircuts to any cancer patient who is undergoing treatment. With everything going on in the world today it is so nice to see that, even during a difficult time in life like battling cancer, there are people out there who care enough to help others, even if they don’t personally know them.

Ironically I was so stunned by the situation that I left Great Clips and totally forgot to tip my stylist. However I ran over there today and dropped off her tip and apologized. At first she wouldn’t take it, and said that my haircut was free. But I insisted and told her that while I appreciated that, she still did a great job (as always) and deserved a tip.

And now I am going to tell everyone that I meet in the cancer sector, whether they be patients, doctors, nurses or anyone else, just how great Great Clips is and to take advantage of their generosity!



2 thoughts on “Great Clips is Just Great!

  1. A perfect example of the Ramdom Acts of Kindness philosophy. It’s a beautiful thing, wherever and whenever it occurs, and is sure to brighten the day for anyone to know that they are not alone in their fight!

    This might be the perfect place to create a list of organizations offering similar services which are free or discounted for cancer patients. Sort of a registry for cancer patients to learn about offers that exist, as well as family and friends who might want to patronize these businesses.

    Love and prayers always!

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