Today is C Day

The day has finally arrived, though in truth it has been a short wait of just over five weeks since my diagnosis, for me to start chemo. At 10:30 am I am going to Dr. Phinney’s office, where they have an in-office infusion center, to get my first FOLFOX treatment. I am nervous, scared, and at the same time excited and happy. So yeah, my emotions are all over the place.

Hopefully, everything that I have read and heard is true and the side effects don’t kick in for a day or two, because I plan to go back to work afterward. Well, that and I have tickets for Tina and me to see the Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch concert tonight at the Huntington Center tongiht at 6:00 pm. With all that is going on in our lives, a concert with some good, heavy rock would do wonders for us as a mini escape from the “cancer thing.”

I am so grateful that God has put so many good, strong people in my life to help me through this! Between my family, church family, friends and coworkers, I definitely don’t feel like I am attacking this alone 🙂



One thought on “Today is C Day

  1. I will be there at 2 for my standard chat with the dr visit, I will not come looking for you! Compazine and lomotil should be on your person at all times and take them liberally. Better to take them and not need them than to not take them and have any more side effects than necessary.
    I hope you have the best chemo nurses today and that you’re healing up well from the port surgery.
    Drink lots of water and eat healthy. Okay, that’s really good advice even if you aren’t getting chemo.
    If you need anything text me and I will bring it at two! If you’re still there, which I am betting you will be. First one always takes forever.
    Are you going alone? It’s nice to have someone to go run and grab you things like water. Those nurses are busy enough. OMG – my comment may be longer than your post.
    Wifi password is Guest123 but the wifi is spotty.
    I am hoping those drugs do exactly what they’re meant to and you have minimal side effects. I believe attitude makes a big difference so go in fighting and laughing!

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