Chemo is “Pumping” Me Up!

I have left the doctor office and received my bolus infusion of FOLFOX and am now carrying a man purse satchel with another 48 hours of FOLFOX in the pump to go. So far, I haven’t had any nausea, which honestly scared me the most with my back issues, however I have already had the metallic taste in my mouth and also felt the cold sensitivity in my throat when drinking ice cold water. For the time being I have switched to room temperature water and have not had a repeat of that lovely side effect.

But, overall, things are going pretty good. At this point I am still planning to get out of work about 5:00 and head home so Tina and I can still make the concert tonight. Though I think I’ll be taking a dose of Compazine before I go, just to make sure I don’t get nauseous while at the concert.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers! Believe me, it has helped me tremendously!



2 thoughts on “Chemo is “Pumping” Me Up!

  1. When my dad was on chemo, he had that metallic taste, one thing he ended up loving (never liked it prior to the chemo) was some peanut/cashew brittle that I made with a little bit of cayenne pepper in it. Not sure it’s for everyone, but it might be worth a try. I know chemo was different 15 years ago, but peanut brittle never goes out of style!

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