No Sleep for Me

I was tired from working all day so I came home and was asleep by 9:00. I slept pretty good, though I forgot to take my pain medication and woke up abruptly at 3:00 with my shoulder killing me. The port placement has made my shoulder and neck on that side very sore, much more so than I expected. I guess I’ll have to admit to myself that I am getting older and my body just doesn’t heal the way it used to.

So I watched a movie and ate some chicken pot pie from Costco and gave the meds some time to kick in. Unfortunately I am stuck awake because I have to take our oldest cat, Amelia, to the vet this morning at 8:20. We think she has a cold because she is staying away from all of the other cats and sneezing like crazy. But, after that, it will most certainly be a nap day for me.



One thought on “No Sleep for Me

  1. Ports hurt like heck the first couple days, you just don’t tell people that before they get it put in. Nothing to do with age! 🙂
    Hope it’s starting to feel a little better. Once you are done with his initial healing it won’t hurt again.
    Good luck at the vet!

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