Feeling Better and Surgery is Soon!

So after feeling pretty lousy all day Saturday, I ended up switching from Mucinex DM to Delsym cough syrup. The former helps to break up the mucus and help you get it out, while the latter helps to quiet the cough. Since my cough was nagging but unproductive, switching made sense, and it has helped tremendously.

Sunday I felt much better and enjoyed a nice service at NorthPoint Church, as well as a quick trip to the grocery store and getting a few things done around the house. Monday I felt even better and worked all day. Then I did one of my favorite things and spent the evening with my beautiful bride, Tina.

On the cancer front, I have been scheduled with my surgeon for outpatient surgery to place the chemo port on Monday, November 21st. Unfortunately, with Thanksgiving being that same week, I would have to wait another week for my first cycle of chemo. This would also cause me to go three weeks between cycles, instead of two weeks, at the time of Christmas. Not really what I wanted to hear.

So I called my oncologist and they were able to get me a consultation with another surgeon today at 3:30. While they have not confirmed it yet, they don’t think it will be a problem for me to have the surgery this week, so that I can recover over the weekend at home and still start my chemo next Monday, the 21st. I should know the date the new surgeon can get me in for the procedure later today.

I’m excited to get it started, although will admit that I am a little apprehensive about the chemo port. I’m not really sure why, I just am. But hey, what other choice do I have, besides laying down and waiting for the inevitable. And that isn’t who I am, not even a little bit.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Better and Surgery is Soon!

  1. Thank you so much for the updates steve. We are praying for you and if you or tina need anything please let us know.
    Shawn and Deanna

  2. Well of course you’re apprehensive, it’s something new and it’s a surgery. It really isnt horrible. The procedure itself is nothing. Plan on taking it very easy for a couple of days after though. Once it’s healed you’ll mostly forget you even have it.
    I am glad you’re feeling better!

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