Feeling Drained and Scatter Brained

Everything that has happened so far has been nothing short of a miracle. Getting in to the doctors offices, getting all the tests done and getting their results, having the surgery and it being successful, and such a rapid and full recovery has been a blessing. So don’t get me wrong, I am grateful.

But the past two days, I have been very anxious about my appointment with the oncologist on Thursday. It’s not like I don’t know that I am going to start chemo, but there is so much I don’t know. Which type of chemo, what delivery method, when is it going to begin, how long will I need to have it, which of the multitude of side effects are going to effect me, will I be able to work while going through the treatments, how much is it going to cost, etc.

I am tired all the time and even after getting almost 10 hours of sleep last night, I am exhausted now. I am having a real hard time keeping my concentration on work, family, or anything else. I know that I can’t change anything until I find out Thursday, but that doesn’t stop my head from swimming in it. I just want to know how we are going to proceed and how it is going to affect me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Drained and Scatter Brained

  1. It is all SO MUCh! And everything happens so fast. I am glad you are recovering so well from your surgery. Ask questions, lots and lots of questions. I started making notes in a small notebook after every appointment because there was just so much info coming at me. It was also handy to look back at dates.
    Stress is the big exhauster and add to that surgery and let’s not forget the actual cancer, of course you’re tired.
    A sarcastic nature made things easier for me, I expect it will be the same for you. 🙂 Just don’t ever ever ever stop moving.

  2. Thinking about you today, sweet son & desperately wishing that I could trade places with you. You are very very loved by all your family and friends, and we all want to help with whatever you may need. Please use your energy to fight your way through this Chemo and let the rest of us work on the other things you’re worried about. Praying for you with every breath dear Steven. I love you so much!

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